Industrial and financial consulting

Axel Glocal Business offers global assistance to its customers and supports them in industrial and financial projects as well. It provides assistance for the internal aspects of evaluation, analysis, development and implementation, adding to the company’s business skills through Axel Global Business’s many professional experiences. In difficult times, such as the ones we are currently facing, it becomes fundamental to analyze the market before making decisions and for this, Axel Glocal Business evaluates the context, the tangible and intangible company or single assets, and offers fairness opinions based on perspective and expertise. Furthermore, working with company management, Axel Local Business develops an accurate business plan based on a 360o understanding of financial resources. For customer safety and adequate risk management, Axel Glocal Business analyzes investment plans and makes strategic, economic and financial feasibility analyses.

The financial operations cover ordinary management with the optimization of the debt structure, projects to raise market-based capital through IPOs and capital increases, as well as the search for investors for private placement operations.

In the case of judicial and arbitration procedures, Axel Glocal Business assists the company in managing and supervising the process.