Axel glocal business investments

Axel glocal business invests its own capital in certain selected companies:

  • Pet Me

    PET ME

    Finding a pet sitter who is reliable, available, has good references and is close to home can be a challenge. Petme, is a platform that connects pet owners and pet sitters. It is a professional showcase for those who care for animals full time as well as those who do it as a hobby and is of considerable help to those who need to leave home for short periods, whether for work or pleasure. The service is not only designed for dogs and cats, but is also for rabbits, reptiles and other small animals.
  • hippocrates holding

    Hippocrates Holding

    The new hippocrates holding initiative aims to create a network of italian pharmacies by taking advantage of a recent change in legislation (law decree no. 2085-b). Previously, the regulatory framework did not allow for the development of retail chains in the pharmaceutical sector, chains that instead constitute a very important reality in other countries such as the usa or the united kingdom. Dvr capital has created a special purpose vehicle to purchase a minority stake in hippocrates holding and axel glocal business, in turn, has acquired a minority stake in the special purpose vehicle company.

  • axel-comm


    Communication has a highly strategic value for obtaining economic and reputational results in any type of business and beyond. Axelcomm is a new reality with long experience, based in Milan and presence in Rome, specialized in the various fields of communication to strengthen networks and growth. Axelcomm professionals represent a team with more than twenty years of experience able to relate to multinationals, SMEs, emerging companies, institutions and top tier personalities. Axelcomm believes in contamination: generational and cultural differences represent its value. In fact, it can count on professionals with international experience from the corporate world, consulting and institutional relations. A wealth of skills that embraces journalism, lifestyle, technology, finance and media.